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Take Charge


 Are you ready to take charge of your health? Do you have unwanted pounds you would like to lose—and keep off? Are you over worked and running on empty? Do you want to run a 5 or 10 K race?  Would you like to know how to plan healthy meals? How would you like to explore natural ingredients so you can shake those unhealthy sauces and dressings? Think you don’t have time to cook healthy meals? If any of these questions sound like you, PT Wellness can help you find the answers. 

Wellness Support


 We offer a variety of wellness services for health, nutrition, fitness, corrective exercises, health coaching, health education, stress management, massage, and more. We come to your location for most services. Now is the perfect time to start making changes that help you reach your goals. 

Sensible Guidance


 We provide sensible guidance and experienced support with proven success.

​We look forward to being a part of your wellness journey.