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Why choose integrative functional fitness and massage services?




The body was made for  movement and not extended sitting or prolonged repetition activity.  Prolonged sitting causes posture muscles to become tight, weak, and strained at the joint. Ongoing joint strain and repetition activity causes movement dysfunction which can damage tissue and often lead to surgery.

Functional fitness is about training muscles to move or track in the correct planes of movement and to support the muscular-skeletal joints. Both aspects of movement are essential to optimal sport performance and injury prevention where imbalance will surely cause wear and tear, increase inflammation, and heighten risk of injury. 

Functional fitness is good for everyone regardless of age, gender, and athletic ability.

Functional fitness improves the body’s ability to perform everyday activities which in returns leads to more mobility, less cramping, and fewer posture and repetition related pains.

Integrative massage brings movement to the massage table.


Massage plays an complimentary role in fitness attainment, maintenance, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. The massage therapist incorporates active and passive movement and stretches, positional release, and myofascial release to lengthen muscles, relax connective tissues, and free up binding caused by scar tissue or fascia. 

Combining functional fitness training with integrative massage therapy can be life changing


Athletes- young and old, physically active and single sport adults, people with orthopedic injury, surgery or leaving physical therapy, as well as those who sit most of the day for work can receive great benefits.  Additionally, this integrated approach increases quality of life for older adults by reducing fall risk and increasing  ability to perform daily living activities. 

It is never too early or too late to start and integrated program.


Personal Touch Wellness tailors services to each person depending on needs and goals.     To learn more about starting a functional training and integrative massage therapy program for you or someone you care about. 801857-1281